Just transition & Green growth

We cannot relent on the urgent need to limit global temperature below 1.5 degrees. Avoided impacts of climate change on sustainable development will be greater if the global temperature is not limited to 1.5 degrees.

The world must transition to economic and development pathways that safeguard the planet from harm and destruction, low-carbon, climate-resilient pathways.  

Just transition, which is a call for justice with supportive iterative change process and actions, is a means to sustainable and transformational development.  Just transition is a means to ensure that sustaining the planet is within the borders of rights-based approach to preserve the dignity of those affected by the transition, achieve equity for all and nature’s integrity.

This transition presents vast opportunities particularly to innovate, drive sustainable solutions, conserve natural resources efficiently and promote green sustainable jobs. There is immense space to tackle youth challenges by delivering a fair and equitable transition. We are involved in:  

  • Empowering and engaging youth on just transition and its economy-wide and sector level implications
  • Conceptualizing the just transition discourse – barriers/opportunities within a Kenyan context and youth realities
  • Conducting research and generating policy evidence and papers to make a case for youth engagement, opportunities and role in just transition

Our engagements:

  • Policy advocacy work as part of a Just transition UNEA 5 Working group aiming to deliver just transition within the UNEA process and UN Environment mid-term strategy 2020-2021.
  • Co-hosting Pre- UNEA 5 Regional Consultative meeting on Just transition 2021

Transitioning to low carbon climate resilient pathways demands a revolution in how we organize economic growth. Shunning extractive pathways and appreciation a sustainable Green growth pathway is imperative. We believe that promoting and advancing green growth deliver an alternative economic and development model green economy. We are involved in:

  • Creating awareness and advocating for green growth opportunities
  • Developing green growth innovation concepts for youth employment
  • Advancing green growth mainstreaming within the policy space

Our engagements:

  • National youth consultative workshop on green growth – September 2018
  • Consultative workshop on SMEs and Green growth, June 2019