Our Background

Youth 4 SDGs Kenya was founded on the 5th of October 2017 during a national workshop on ‘Integrating the Youth in the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Agreement regime’. The platform will provide an opportunity to the Kenyan and African youth to spearhead innovative solutions to the challenges they face within national, regional and international contexts..

What We Do

Programme Areas

SDG Governance

We are committed to championing and ascertaining implementation of SDGs with youth voices, ideas and innovation being central in advancing SDG implementation. We have several activities within this section.

Climate justice & Environmental sustainability

Our work is to provide an authentic platform, thought-out approaches, and frameworks on how to mobilize and channel innovative youth solutions to tackle the duo climate and nature crisis

Just transition and green growth

Avoided impacts of climate change on sustainable development will be greater if the global temperature is not limited to 1.5 degrees.The world must transition to economic and development pathways